Chomps Meat Sticks, This Seasons Best Meat Snack Stocking Stuffer!

Meat stick snacks are very popular in our country. If you look at the checkout isle of almost any grocery store you will notice a large variety of brands and flavors. Have you ever checked out the ingredient list of many of these products? Many contain stuff that I would just rather not put in my body. Luckily, there is a new healthier alternative to these traditional meat sticks.

Chomps is dedicated to offering a meat stick that is made from 100% grass-fed beef and gluten, soy, hormone, and antibiotic free. Chomps do not contain dairy, MSG or any synthetic preservatives. Chomps Snack Sticks are free of nitrates and nitrates. They are also high in omega 3's and CLA. Instead of harsh preservatives they are infused with celery juice to extend their shelf life. 

These meat sticks are offered in three flavors; Original, Hoppin' Jalapeño, and Cracking' Cran. I really enjoyed the first two flavors. The Original flavor has a nice mix of seasonings. The Hoppin' Jalapeño was a pleasant surprise as well. I was worried that it would be too spicy, but it wasn't. It had very little kick to it. I wasn't really a fan of the Crackin' Cran flavor. The flavor is a bit spicy and a bit sweet. I just don't like cranberries that much. 

Hoppin' Jalapeño

Crackin' Cran

There are a variety of packages sold on the Chomps website. You can buy any flavor in packs of 5 ($11.25), 24 ($49.00), or 144 ($259.00). You can also buy them in variety packs starting at $145.99. The site is offering free shipping orders $75+. There is a flat fee of $4 for shipping for orders under that threshold. 

To learn more, check out http://www.gochomps.com

I received the products mentioned in this post in exchange for my honest feedback. All thoughts and experiences are strictly my own.