Salon Quality Mani at Home with imPress Nails!

Last month I was in a wedding. All of the girls decided that we wanted to get our nails done the day before the wedding together. I chose to get acrylics, which is something I haven't had done professionally in probably 10 years. We did dabble with acrylic nails in Cosmetology school but we did them so poorly that they only lasted a few days. Getting my nails done for that wedding destroyed my nails. I left them on for almost 3 weeks because I dreaded seeing how bad they looked. I take pride in my nails, and seeing them look so bad was not fun. I have been using nail treatments to try and make them stronger.

 It has been a little over a month since I got them done and the damage has still not grown out. Nail polish looks just awful on them because of all of the bumps and ridges that were left over. I have recently gotten my hands on two boxes of the new imPress Ulta-Shine Gel Nails, courtesy of imPress nails, I then purchased two more boxes myself! 

The new imPress Ultra-Shine Gel Nails are similar to their other press on nails, but there are a few major differences. These are the only press on nails with the revolutionary SafeHold Adhesive Technology. These secure to the nails like glue. These nails create a waterproof gap free seal. They are the most flexible and comfortable press on nails created. For only $7.99 at Walgreens, these are a steal! There are 24 or 30 nails per box. Each box gives you at least 2 manicures worth of nails. 

The color that I chose to use for my first imPress nail is their Harlem Shake nail:

I find that these nails were extremely easy to apply. In the last year I have been using a lot of nail wraps which claim to be quick and easy to apply, but these imPress nails are far easier to apply. You don't have to apply any heat or cutting/fitting. With the imPress nails you simply use the prep pad to cleanse the nail, choose the press on that best fits your nail, peel off the back, align the imPress nail with your cuticle, and press on! Applying the nails took me under 10 minutes. You should avoid washing your hands for the next 30 minutes. For an extra strong hold you can apply pressure to the nails while you watch a half hour tv show or while reading your favorite book. 

Behind the scenes, a look at the back side of the nail: 

The final look:

Clean up was super simple. There were just the backings for the press ons and the prep pad/file. 

Overall, I am very impressed by these. You cannot tell that my nails are damaged, like you can when I wear nail polish. They stick on very well. They have so many colors, there is something for everyone. I love that they are not going to leave my nails damaged like acrylics. They give the look of a salon quality acrylic nail mani, without the damage or the price. I love how much shine they have. When I got my nails done, getting them super shiny cost me an extra $6! One box of these only costs $7.99 and will give you at least two mani's worth of nails!

I did receive two boxes of imPress nails for free in exchange for my honest feedback. All thoughts and opinions expressed are my own. To learn more about imPress nails you can check out their website here!

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