Ultra Slim Thin Iphone 6 PLUS (5.5 Inch) Clear Case Soft TPU Cover for Apple Iphone 6 PLUS from MobileEsprit.com

I am in the last stages of trying to pack up my place and move. I will be fully moved out in a few days, but I am busy trying to et everything together, so this will be short and sweet.

I have had my iPhone 6 Plus for over a month now, and I feel like I have been hoarding cases. I cannot have enough, especially when it comes to clear cases. I have the gold iPhone and I love the color of it. Having a clear case really allows me to showcase the color of the phone.

I recently received a Ultra Slim Thin Iphone 6 PLUS from Amazon seller MobileEsprit.com. This case is prefect for "every day use" It is still slim enough that I can carry my phone+case in my wristlet that I got specifically for my iPhone. The material is sturdy enough to protect my iPhone. I found that it was easy to "install" and "remove" from my iPhone. It fits my phone snugly.

All ports are still accessible. I have noticed that with some cases that the holes don't exactly line up so it can be difficult to charge or use headphones, but that is not the case with this case. All buttons remain easy to press and the mute switch is accessible as well.

This case is sold on Amazon for $8.99. To learn more about it or to purchase one for yourself please check the Amazon listing. The photo in this is from the Amazon listing. Once I am all settled in I will come back and upload my own photos.

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