Sunsella Buddy Boxes

I work a part time job, where the hours vary drastically week to week. Some weeks I find that I will have 3-4 8 hour days, some weeks I will only have a few 4 hours shifts. On days where I am scheduled to work for more than 6 hours I take a lunch. I try to bring something that is quick to prepare and quick to eat. The Sunsella Buddy Boxes make packing my lunch quick and easy.


The Sunsella Buddy Boxes have three compartments. Each section is a different size, one being quite a bit larger than the other two. The dimensions are: Length 9.5 x width 6.2 x height 2.2 inches for the 1st compartment: 3 1/2 cups, for the 2nd compartment: 1 1/3 cups, and the 3rd compartment: 1 cup.


When I fill this, I like to fill the large section with vegetables or fruits, the next size down with meats or some sort of entree, and the last with any condiment I may have. I find this keeps me on track with eating vegetables more often.

The Sunsella Buddy Boxes are made from premium quality, BPA, phthalate and lead free, plastic that is highly durable and meets FDA standards. These boxes are both microwave and dishwasher safe. They can also be stored in the freezer. They are easily stackable and can be stored taking up little room.

These boxes can be used for more than just food. You can use them for craft projects, storing toys, and much more.

These boxes are being sold for $14.99 on Amazon. There is free shipping if you have Prime. To learn more about these boxes or to purchase one for yourself, you can check out the Amazon listing.

I received the product mentioned above in exchange for my honest feedback. All thoughts and opinions expressed are my own. All photos with a * next to it are from the Amazon listing.

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