Iron Chest Master By Ron Williams

I am in the middle of moving, so this is going to be a little short. Please forgive that. I will come back and update this with more information and my own photos when I have the time. I am extremely busy right now.

I am moving into a new place and will finally have a room to turn into my own "home gym". I already have an elliptical, resistance bands, ab rollers, Wii Fit, and so many other devices, when I saw that I could review an Iron Chest Master, I jumped at the chance!

The Iron Chest Master is a complete workout system. This system includes a comprehensive Nutrition Plan, Master Exercise Chart, Exercise Manual, and 5 Workouts to maximize your results in minimal time. You will learn how to build, sculpt, shape, and define your upper body, all with one easy to use machine. With 6 Iron Power Contractor Bands, there is the resistance necessary to build strength in your Chest, Arms, Shoulders, and Abs.

The Iron Chest Master has been scientifically proven to activate 58% more peak muscle than the Bench Press. Combine the exercises of Bench Press, Dumbbell Press, Push-Up, Cable-Crossovers, Pec Deck, and Dumbbell Fly. When using the Iron Chest Master, you will go through the full range of motion like you are mimicking the movement of a bird in flight, this will allow you to rapidly develop a bigger, stronger, leaner chest!

I really love that this arrived fully assembled. There was no need for me to struggle setting it up, like I did with my elliptical machine. It arrived ready to use out of the box. It came with some manuals and a nutrition plan. I found the machine easy to use. I don't have a lot of upper strength, but I do not find myself too sore after using. I will be using this a lot more once I am moved into my new place. I ended up hurting my back while packing a few weeks ago, so I have only been able to really use this a couple times before doing that.

The Iron Chest Master can be purchased on Amazon for $99.00. I received the product for free in exchange for a spot on my blog and my honest feedback. To learn more about this product or to purchase one for yourself please check out the Amazon listing

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