IPhone 6 Plus Soft Flexible Gel TPU Case from Case4Fun

My boyfriend recently got me an iPhone 6 Plus and I absolutely love it! It was a surprise gift, and I did not have any cases for it. I was offered one free case from Case4Fun in exchange for my honest feedback and I jumped at the chance. I am super clumsy and I know without a case, this phone would be destroyed after not too long.

The Flexible Gel TPU case from Case4Fun is a lightweight case made from a flexible soft TPU material that offers scratch protection and shock absorption. I love the gel case because I feel like if I drop it, it is more protected. It will bounce rather than shatter. The squared edges add a fun touch to the case.

I really like that the case doesn't add much bulk to the phone. It still feels slim and light weight. It is something I can fit easily into my pocket or wallet, unlike some other phone cases I own. 

All ports, holes, buttons, speakers, and cameras are fully accessible. There is easy access to the volume -/+ and power buttons, as well as the mute switch. Sometimes I have noticed that phone cases have kind of wonky cutouts that don't match up the headphone or charging ports. That was not the case with this case. I am easily able to use my headphones and charge the phone while it is in the case. 

The case did come with a wrist strap, which I have already lost. A wrist strap isn't something I would typically use, but I do see how it would be useful for other people.
I received this case for free in exchange for my honest feedback. All thoughts and opinions are my own. To learn more about this case or to purchase one for yourself you can check out the Amazon listing. It is currently being sold for $6.99. The first three photos and the last photo in this post are taken from the Amazon listing. 

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