Strength Stack 52 Card Tri Pack

The other day I talked to you about the Stack 52 dice set. Today, I will be discussing the Strength Stack 52 Card Tri Pack. It was developed by a member of the military looking for a fun way to exercise anywhere without any equipment. The US Army gave Sergeant Volkin a medal for the exercise programs he designed for the troops. Today it is still used in the military, but has branched out and can be purchased and used by anyone!

The Tri pack contains three decks of cards; there is the original deck of Fitness Cards, the Expansion Pack, and the Insanity pack. each deck is "smartphone enhanced". This means that each card has a scannable QR code. When you scan it with an app on your smartphone it will take you to a site and show you exactly how to use that card. I tried this, and it really works! The video loads quickly and shows you exactly what to do. I think this feature is so cool!

 I love that you can play it anywhere at any time.  You can bring it to the office to use on your lunch break, take it to the park to use outside (maybe you can even get some other people to join you!) or use it in the privacy of your own home. You can get the best results by doing mini-workouts (5-15 minutes) a few times each day. The difficulty is progressive. You can start at any level and advance to elite strength and fitness.

To learn exactly use these cards, check out the video below, it describes it much better than I can.

The Tri Pack  114 bodyweight exercise cards. The exercise cards are color coded, suited, and numbered. There are 6 different colors with each color representing a different muscle group worked:

  •  15 cardio exercises (Blue)
  •  32 core/ab exercises (Red)
  •  3 back exercises (Pink)
  •  30 leg exercises (Yellow)
  •  9 Arm exercises (Orange)
  • 13 chest exercises (Green)
  • 12 of the hardest bodyweight exercises known to man (Gold)
  •  3 instructional cards
  •  2 wild cards (used in games)

This card set is currently being sold for $35.97. I find that they are a great way to get in a quick and easy workout. They are much cheaper than a monthly gym membership, thats for sure! I received this set for free one exchange for a post on my blog. All thoughts and opinions expressed are my own. 

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