Moose Shave Company, Shave Bar.

I am pretty familiar with shampoo bars, conditioner bars, and bars of soap, but I had not previously heard of "Shave Bars". I am a huge fan making products easier to use, while saving space and time. I already use shampoo bars and bars of soap in my home. For me, shampoo bars are easier and quicker to use, and the brands I use are all natural so they are not harsh on my hair. When I saw an opportunity to try out a shave bar, I jumped at it.

The Moose River shave bar is a bar that will prep and moisturize your skin which will result in a clean and smooth shave. This shave bar has a yummy bay leaf and cinnamon spice with a hint of citrusy lime scent. Vitamin E and Shea Butter are used to leave your skin feeling smooth and moisturized. While this shave bar is described as a shave bar for men, I myself use it every day! I think I like it more than my boyfriend does. It leaves a smooth lather on my legs and underarm area that makes shaving easy. I don't feel like it drys my skin out at all, and I have not experienced any razor burn. I've been using this bar for over a month and it has hardly put a dent in the bar. This bar will last me a very long time. 

This bar is currently being sold for $12.99. I find this to be a great value considering this will last me probably until the end of the year, or longer! To learn more about this shave bar or to purchase one for yourself, you can visit the Amazon listing here

Ingredients: Saponified oils of Olive, Coconut, Castor, Shea Butter, Bentonite Clay, Glycerine, Wheat Germ Oil, Fragrance Oil, Essential Oils, Tocopherol T-50 (Vitamin E), Rosemary Oleoresin (a natural antioxidant).

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