Live Infinitely Forever Cool Cooling Towel

Weather this June has been so weird. A typical June for us here is hot hot hot and sunny. This month has been hot, cold, freezing, rainy, muggy, stormy, and sunny. I swear you can experience just about every season all in the span of one week here in NY. We have had to turn the heat on one day and the air conditioner on the next. As it turns out, it has been hot on the days I have been packing up my apartment. We might be moving over the next few weeks, so we have been packing and preparing just in case. I recently got to try out a Cooling Towel, and it has been a life saver to me.

The Live infinitely Forever Cool Cooling Towel is seriously cool! The towel has sort of a leather feel to it, it is light weight, soft to the touch, and durable. While the towel is wet, it feels dry to the touch, thats pretty neat. I don't know how they do it!

To "activate" cooling all you have to do is soak the towel, wring out the excess water and "snap" the towel. If you have been using the towel for a while and it feels warmer to you you can rewet it or just give it another quick snap. I have been sitting here trying to cool down after packing and have been using the towel for almost an hour. I have only had to "snap" it once.

I like to hang the towel around my neck and over my shoulders. It seriously cools me down quickly. I use it after going for a walk, after packing, and after other activity. It quickly wicks away sweat and moisture. I am going hiking this weekend and plan to bring this along with me. It comes with a handy  anti-bacterial carrying case. I think it would be good to use to cool you down if you have a fever. You could wrap it around your neck and up around your forehead like a headband.

This cooling towel is currently being sold for $14.95 on Amazon. To learn more or to purchase one for yourself, check out the Amazon listing.

I received the product mentioned above in exchange for my honest feedback. All thoughts and opinions expressed are my own.

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