WAFF Medium Glitter Fuchsia Notebook Combo Pack

I'm the kind of person who leaves notes all around the house. Seriously, I can never find the ones I am looking for. I know I should just save notes in my iPhone, but I only do that for my grocery list. All other notes get lost into the abyss it seems. I recently got the cutest notebook on earth, to keep all of my notes in one place! The Glitter Waff Notebook is perfect for children and colorful fun loving adults alike.

Waff sells a variety of different notebook products. Their unique product includes an adorable grid of squares that you can stick their letter/number cubes to to spell out words or phrases or even plain color cubes to create designs with. Their notebooks are sold individually, or as a combo pack with the letter cubes. You can buy more letters/numbers separately. I personally received the Medium Fuchsia Glitter Combo Pack that came with 1 190page notebook, 70 letters, and 2 notebook clips. 

The silicone notebook sleeve is durable. I have not had any problems with it ripping. The cover is very soft, and there is no glitter fallout whatsoever. The clips are removable and can stick to other areas of the notebook if you want to remove them and place them in another area.

I think this notebook would be a great gift for really anyone of any age. There are many colors that both young boys and girls will like. This could be given as a back to school gift, a notebook for a woman to keep in her purse, or even given as a christmas/birthday gift. It can be customized with the removable cubes to leave a special message before you give it to the recipient. 

Overall, I think this is an adorable and fun notebook. The medium combo pack that I received costs $17.99 on Amazon. To see more products offered by Waff you can click here. While I do think this price is a little high, I do think that it might be worth it since it is so darn cute. I did receive the product for free in exchange for my honest feedback. All thoughts and opinions expressed are my own.

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