Silicon Devices Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

I use headphones just about every day. I usually love the big over-the-ear headphones, but if I am in bed watching Netflix I like to use smaller headphones that are comfortable to lay down with. Those big headphones just don't work for that. I also have a problem with one of my cats. He likes to chew on headphone cords. It's odd, he doesn't seem to chew on any other cords, just my headphones with long thin cords. I new I would eventually have to make the switch to bluetooth headphones if I didn't want to keep spending money almost monthly on new headphones. I recently received a pair of bluetooth headphones from Silicon Devices on Amazon.

Bluetooth headphones are the perfect headphone choice for anyone who has a bluetooth device and doesn't like to spend their time untangling their headphone cords. I have been using these headphones with my Macbook, iPad, and iPhone. I love the this particular set comes with a few different sizes for the inner ear piece. I have smaller ear holes and have trouble finding smaller headphones that will fit. This set comes with sets for bigger and smaller ears, and if your ears are different sizes, you can use different sizes on each ear.

I find that these headphones are very easy to "pair" to my devices. It connects quickly and stays connected until I turn the headphones off. The sound quality is pretty nice. The only thing I found difficult was wearing them with the piece that is supposed to keep them in your ears better, these "guards" are confusing and I still haven't figured out how to attach them or wear them (see photo below for the "guard" that I am talking about). I just keep them off and I don't have any trouble with the headphones falling out. I like to wear these with the cord going around the back of my neck under my hair.  I really don't like how bright the light is that shines to let you know that it's on. It is really distracting when i am watching Netflix on my laptop at night. It blinks a very bright red and blue light. I wish I could disable this. I am a bit impressed with how long these headphones stay charged. I don't find myself needing to charge them constantly.

They are being sold for $49.87. To learn more about these headphones or to purchase them for yourself please visit the Amazon listing linked above.

I received the product mentioned above for free in exchange for my honest feedback. All thoughts and opinions expressed are my own.

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  1. I have really enjoyed using mine! Great Review girl!