Sentey Curve Black Headphones

I recently received a pair of Sentey Curve Black Headphones, sold on Amazon. These lightweight headphones are perfect for packing for a trip. I love the design. They are very comfortable on my head. The padding on the headband area and the headphones give them a great feel. They sit comfortably on my head, they have just the right amount of pressure to keep them clamped onto my head. These headphones are offered in black and in white.

The audio sounds great. I don't feel like I am losing any bass or treble, or anything. All the tones are there. They certainly sound better than my cheap earbuds or the headphones that come from Walmart. There is a bit of outside noise reduction as well. I can't hear myself type on my mac when I wear these.

One of my favorite features is the rope cord. It is almost impossible to tangle, which is great for when I want to toss these in my purse or other large bag on the go. The rope also deters my fat from chewing on it, like he does with my earbuds. The inline function button works well on my iPhone. I can use it to start/stop songs or to answer/hang up phone calls.

While these headphones may be marketed towards children, I find them to be suitable for adults as well. They fit my head perfectly, and there is still room to make them larger.

These will by my new "go to" headphones for when I travel, since they are so lightweight and their price point makes me feel better about potentially losing them. Visit Amazon to learn more or or purchase these headphones. They are being sold for $12.99.

Overview of Favorite Features:
  *Great Bass
  *Comfortable ear cushions
  *Long rope cord
  *Button to answer phone calls

I received the product mentioned above for free in exchange for my honest feedback. Thoughts and opinions expressed are my own.

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