Refresh Your Home With Renuzit Pearl Scents.

 I am such a huge fan of scented candles, air fresheners, and other scented things to freshen up my home. I have a tiny apartment with cats and ferrets, so it doesn't always smell as fresh as I want it to. I find that scented air fresheners, candles, incense, and similar products really help keep my home smelling the way I want it to.

I recently received a new product from Purex. This product is the Renuzit Pearl Scents. This is a neat product that neutralizes odor while filling your home with a wonderful fragrance. I received the Sparkling Rain scent, and I just love it! This fresh rain scent with hints of melon, pear and water lily is such a fresh and clean scent. The little jar is cute, and perfect for just about any room in the house. I took the wrapper off of mine so it can easily blend in in any room I put it in.  I will be buying one for each room the next time I go to the store. There are 5 scents to choose from, and I can't wait to smell them all! 

The Renuzit Pearl Scent Pearls are little balls, sort of like the little beads you can buy from craft stores that you put in water and they swell up to become squishy ball. They become smaller as they release fragrance. I have had mine for about a month and it still smells just and lovely as the day I received it. I find that if you shake the container, you can get a small burst of extra freshness where you need it. 

Varieties Avaliable: 
To learn more about this product you can visit the Renuzit website or Facebook page. I received the product mentioned above for free in exchange for my honest feedback. 

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