Puentes Denver 8pc Tie Clip Set

Puentes Denver on Amazon offers affordable tie clips for any occasion. Their 8pc Tie Clip Set offers a stylish yet affordable option for men who want to look dapper without breaking the bank. Included in this set are 6 silver colored and 2 gold colored tie clips, each with their own unique design. These tie clips can complete and compliment any outfit.

I received an 8pc Tie Clip Set in exchange for a spot on my blog. This tie clip set has 8 study tie clips, that can go with almost any outfit. My boyfriend has not previously owned any tie clips, because all the ones in stores local to us are outrageously expensive. He now has clips for the more "formal" occasions that we go to. I can guarantee that he will be wearing a sliver one to a wedding that I am in later this year. They are the perfect length for regular ties. They are a little too long to wear with skinny ties.

I actually like using some of these clips with my scarves. I feel that they give my scarves the perfect weight and keep them from flying all around on windy days.

These tie clips come in a nice black gift box that can be easily wrapped to give as a gift. These would make a great graduation gift for high school or college seniors.

Overall, these tie clips are made pretty well. The quality is nice and the designs are well done. You get 8 nice tie clips for only $16.69. To see other products available from this company you can click here.

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