Pink iPhone 5 Armband by i2 Gear

I enjoy running outside when the weather is nice. My running gear doesn't have any pockets so I rely on armbands for holding my iPhone while I run. I bring my phone with me so I can listen to music. Running without my phone just isn't an option for me. I need something to get me pumped up and keep me motivated. I have dedicated playlists just for running! I recently got to test out the Pink IPhone 5 Armband by i2 Gear.

I like this particular armband for a few different reasons. The number one reason being that it is large enough to fit over my large arms, comfortably. There are two slots on this, the "A" slot is for people with smaller arms, the "B" slot for people with larger. I find that this fits comfortable, with still some more room for larger arms. The strap is wide enough so it doesn't pinch my arm, like some smaller armbands have done. I also really like that there is a slot to put my key in. I don't like to leave my door unlocked, even if I am just running down the street. I like being able to carry my key with me, without the fear of losing it.

I have an iPhone 4, but I prefer using armbands made for the iPhone 5 because the tend to have more room side. I can store a credit/debit card and some cash along with my phone without it making it too tight. The slots for the headphone jack is exactly where it needs to be. The material is very comfortable. It seems to be made from a nice squishy foam material. This armband is not bulky or heavy. The reflective strip around the front is nice. It makes me feel a little safer when running at dusk.

I received the product mentioned above for free in exchange for my honest feedback. All thoughts and opinions expressed here are my own.

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