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  I live in an apartment where I have been able to do some quick and easy remodeling tasks. My favorite project was repainting my bathroom. It was such a quick fix that really livened the place up. I wish I could tare out the whole bathroom to replace the tub, sink, and toilet too. I do plan on painting the kitchen if I do stay here another year, as it is this awful shade of green. It's really amazing how a fresh coat of paint can really change a room. Read the following sponsored post to learn about home remodeling.

Improving Features to Entice a Greater Resale Value:

  People will often pay more than what an appraiser values a home due to the features of the property. From energy efficient modifications to hot tubs, a few minor additions can increase the value to buyers by thousands of dollars. There are many aspects to the home that can be modified in order to encourage sales ranging from remodeled rooms to installing state-of-the-art appliances. Even a coat of paint can make a home look far more appealing.

Extra Bedrooms:

  An extra room can add an incredible amount to the asking price of a home depending on the size and it's function. This may be dependent on the size of the lot your home rests on as not all properties are capable of sustain an addition without encroaching onto the neighbors property. The addition needs to look like it was part of the original floor plan in order to give it a symmetrical appearance both inside and out. Less people are interested in a home that has an obvious addition rather than one that looks as though it was built professionally.

  Floors, walls, bathrooms and more can be modified in the home to add more of an appeal to buyers. Each addition you install can be reflected on the property's asking price. Click here to learn about home remodeling and improve your investment when it comes time to sell. You may find that a lot of improvements are both easy to manage and affordable for your budget.

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