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*Post contains affiliate links. Media Kit bundle received in exchange for my honest feedback.*

Media Kits are something I have always struggled with when it comes to blogging. I am not a graphic designer, and I am not very creative. I never know what to include when talking about myself, this goes for "about me" sections, resumes, media kits and so much more. I think the part I struggle with the most is determining what is and isn't appropriate to add. All of the Media Kits I have made for myself in Photoshop all looked childish and unprofessional. As a blogger we are supposed to impress the companies we want to work with, and I found it hard to feel confident as a blogger with a media kit that looked like something a middle schooler made in MS paint.

For those of you who don't know, a Media Kit is sort of a "snapshot" of your blogs statistics that companies use to determine if your audience is a match for their sponsorship. Basically, they want to know how your blog will be beneficial to them, and knowing your audience is key. It gives businesses a glimpse into your online presence, without sending them on a scavenger hunt. Having a more polished media kit will put you at an advantage over other bloggers. It shows dedication to how you appear online. Providing a Media Kit gives businesses something of yours that they can keep on file, and potentially pull out in the future. It will have all of your information readily available for them and you could be the first they contact for future partnerships.

Recently, I came across Hip Media Kits. Hip Media Kits offers dummy-proof (my words, not theirs) media kits that almost any blogger can benefit from. They offer 6 media kit packages. 5 contain a specific type of media kit, and the 6th is a bundle package that includes all media kits. Each individual media kit package is $24.99, the bundle package is $87.46. These media kits can only be edited using Microsoft Word. They accept Paypal, credit card , and debit card payments.

Each media kit offered is highly customizable and effortlessly easy to edit. I love how easy it is to add/remove sections, change colors, edit fonts, and rename headings. I chose to use the 1 page "Cute" media kit.  Using Microsoft word, it only took me about half an hour to complete my media kit. If you're not very tech savvy, Hip Media Kits will modify your Media Kit for you, for an additional $50.

I kept the basic template the same, but I did change a few things in my media kit. I added a small "interests" section below my social media numbers. The social media area in the original had a combined number of all social media accounts, but I chose to break it down and show the numbers for each individual account. In my personal experience, many companies I have worked with have asked for specific Facebook/Twitter numbers, and showing the numbers individually saves me time later on.

Below is an image of my finished media kit. It may appear a little blurry, but clicking on the image should show a clear version of it.

I really like that these media kits have a lot of structure to them. They have sections that I would not have thought to include on my own. I really like the section for "Past Partners". For some reason I never thought to include that in Media Kits I have made for myself.  

Overall, I am very pleased with the Media Kit's I received. They are very easy to edit and customize. The guide included with each kit makes it easy to figure out what I needed to do. If you would like to learn more, or purchase your own Media Kit from Hip Media Kits, you can check out their website.

I received the bundle package of media kits in exchange for my honest feedback. This post does contain affiliate links.

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