Amara Beverage Company

Amara Beverage Company offers healthy water beverages that nourish athletes and promotes healthy and balanced lives. They work with top beverage scientists and medical doctors to create drinks to improve their beverages ability to hydrate, energize, and nourish Amara drinkers.

The Amara team worked hard to create beverages with Paleo ingredients. Their beverage contain no artificial colors, preservatives, or flavors, and only contain 30 calories. Instead of loading their beverages with a ton of sugar, they sweeten Amara with low Calorie Organic Agave Nectar and Monk Fruit.

Whether you are an athlete, a person on the go, traveling, or working long hours, Amara will keep you hydrated.

I was sent a couple bottles of the Maqui Berry flavor. I found that it had a pleasant fruity taste. It wasn't too sweet, there was a slight bitterness, but overall I enjoyed it. I was a little surprised to find it was carbonated.

To learn more, or to purchase some Amara beverages for yourself (29.99/12pk), please visit their website.

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