Glow Stick Bracelets by Super Bright Glow Sticks

I always get such a sense of nostalgia whenever I see glowsticks. I always seem to want to pick some up at the store when I see them, but they can be so costly for so few. Amazon store Super Bright Glow Sticks sells bulk glowsticks at fair prices. I recently received a set of 100 glow stick bracelets from Super Bright Glow Sticks to review.

I have to admit, my boyfriend and I are still children at heart. We always go see the newest Disney movies, or buy things that might be meant for children. While we don't have any children of our own, we find no shame in enjoying what we like. Glow sticks are one of those things. I think he likes the science-y side of them and I just like how pretty they are.

Amazon seller Super Bright Glow Sticks sent me a box of their 100 Glow Stick Bracelets. After reading the reviews my expectations weren't too high. I had read all these reviews about how dim they were, or how they didn't even light up at all. This was not the experience I had. All of the bracelets I have tried so far have been very bright, they even glowed brightly for more than 12 hours.

I struggled for like 5 minutes trying to put one on, before I realized that I should assemble the thing into a bracelet then slide it over my wrist. I kept trying to connect the sides around my wrist, this did not work for me at all, then again I have trouble putting on regular clasp bracelets. I found that these were a great size for me, while the bracelets are 8 inches each, the connectors might add a few extra millimeters. I have smaller wrists so I think these would be great for children as well.

Description listed from the amazon page:
  • The best quality - Long lasting - Super Bright Glow Sticks
  • Create super bright glowing bracelets, necklaces, glasses and more with the Super Bright Glow Sticks!
  • Includes 100 premium quality glow sticks - 8" long premium quality glow bracelets
  • Fresh from the factory- Ultra bright and long lasting! The longest lasting glow sticks
  • Non-toxic and CPSIA Compliant Glow Sticks - Premium Quality
Overall, I am pleased with these glow sticks. They are sold for $14, and contain 100 in the package. I have not come across any that were broken or did not light up. For more information or to purchase these for yourself check out the Amazon Listing. These will be great for the Glow Nights at the local night club or for partying on the 4th of July.

I did receive this product for free in exchange for an honest review. Experiences and opinions expressed are strictly my own. 

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