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Diet-to-Go offers delicious meals that can be delivered directly to your door each week, or picked up if you live near one of their pick-up locations! Diet-to-Go is not just for people who want to lose weight. It is also designed for people like myself who just want to eat a little better. I really enjoyed most of the meals I received.

Diet-to-Go offers a variety of meal plans, there is a little something for everyone. There are three base menus available. The first option is the Traditional menu. The traditional menu meals contain meat and may not be suitable for those who want a low carb diet. For the traditional menu, there are two options: the "men's" (1600 calorie menu) and "women's" the (1200 calorie menu), but since food has no gender and dietary needs are typical the same, I picked my menu based on my caloric needs and not my gender. From here you can break it down further into a 5 day meal plan or a 7 day meal plan. The next two menus available are the low carb and the vegetarian menus. These can both be broken down into 5 day and 7 day meal plans as well, there is no calorie breakdown for these two.

Diet-to-Go sends you everything you need to make a meal complete. I received a 5 day meal plan that contained 5 breakfasts, 5 lunches, and 5 dinners. This includes sides (rolls, yogurt, jelly, hummus...), fruit, snacks, and more. The meals I received are part of the 1600 calorie plan.

Diet-to-Go knows that there are some foods that people just don't like, which is why you are able to customize your meal plans before they ship out. I know I had a couple favorite meals that I would probably have shipped to me every week (here's looking at you french toast sandwich!)!  Being able to customize your menu ensures that you don't get bored of the food you are eating as you can update your menu every week

Here is a photo of everything I received:

The food is shipped out in a large Styrofoam box with dry ice, to ensure that your food stays cold. You can then store the items in your freezer for one month, or let them thaw in your fridge for up to 6 days. I stored mine in the fridge, this made making reheating it go much faster! The black trays that each meal arrives in are both microwave and oven safe, so you can cook your meal either way right in the tray. The only thing that will end up in the sink is your fork!

Diet-to-Go makes preparing meals super simple with easy to follow instructions on each package. I really like these meals because they enable you to eat great tasting food without slaving away at the kitchen all day. With a Diet-to-Go plan there are no dirty dishes you have to clean up! Most everything can be heated up right in the packaging.

I really like that they send you a breakdown of everything they send, with a  recommendation as to what to eat each day. I felt that the foods listed in the menu were paid nicely each day, and I stuck to the meal plan that they had prepared. 

Below are some of my favorite meals, I will not be showcasing every meal I got, as that would make this blog post even longer.

This yummy breakfast burrito was the first meal I tried. It came with a delicious salsa/egg filling and a sausage on the side. 

I don't think I had ever had a Scone before trying this breakfast. This was an oat and rain scone. The apple butter was so delicious!

The vegetable ravioli's were not my favorite, but they were still good. I really loved the Chocolate Mousse that accompanied this meal. 

The Chocolate Zucchini Bread breakfast was delicious. It came with a cranberry orange cream cheese spread that was divine. The orange slices were fresh and juicy.

This was my favorite meal! It was a french toast sandwich with cheese and (I believe) pesto. The sides were orange slices and a brownie. 

This was a yummy seafood soup, it had shrimp, oysters, and I believe clams. I loved the roll with the cream cheese spread.

I really liked waking up knowing that my meals were already prepared for the day. I was able to spend more time getting ready in the morning or take an extra walk in the day with the time I saved. At the end of the day I felt satisfied. I was not left feeling hungry, and I know that I ate much better than I typically do. I did not find myself snacking throughout the day.

Everything you see here was sent to be for free in exchange for my honest feedback. Post contains affiliate links, clicking on them and making a purchase will result in monetary compensation on my end.  Prices for each meal plan vary. To learn more or to purchase a meal plan for yourself please visit the Diet-to-Go website. Use code DTGA119 for 25% off your first order!

*Some of the photos may appear blurry, I have been unable to figure out why. To see a clear version of the photo click on it and let it load*

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