FlavFusion Locking Lid Water Bottle

 Over the last year I started drinking quite a bit more water than I normally used to. I have noticed hat I feel a lot better and eat less when I drink more water daily. I love adding fruit to my water but I hate when the fruit gets stuck inside my water bottle. I have ended up throwing out so many bottles due to fruit that I couldn't remove. The FlavFusion fruit infuser water bottle is the perfect solution to my problem!

 The FlavFusion water bottle is a great water bottle for those who like to take their bottles with them when they go for a hike or run. The locking lid ensures that no water is lost due to accidental spills. The inner fruit chamber holds your fruit in one place, keeping it from swelling up and expanding in the bottle, where it can get stuck. A few shakes of the bottle and the juices from your fruit mix nicely with your water. I like how the fruit is placed up at the top, so you get maximum fruit flavor when you take a sip. Another feature I really like is the grid that keeps seeds from being swallowed.

 I do find the bottle to be a little hard to drink out of, but that is because I usually put my mouth over the whole opening when I drink from water bottles. Those who are used to pouring the water into their mouths will probably find the water bottle easy to drink out of. It's just something I have to get used to with this bottle. Overall, this is a nice bottle. It is very easy to clean, easy to grip, and is very sturdy.I like to always keep it full and just within reach.  I typically fill mine with watermelon, as watermelon infused water is my favorite fruit/water combo. If you haven't tried it yet, I highly recommend it!

This water bottle is currently on sale for $17.95. To learn more about this product or to order one for yourself visit their Amazon page.

In the photo below you can see how the product looks when it is locked:

To unluck it, turn the tab over to the unlock position, then press the button to open the lid:

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