Cushioned Window-mounted Cat Bed

Do you have limited space for cat furniture? I know I do. I live in a tiny apartment, where I hardly even have enough space for my things. I recently had the opportunity to test out a window mountable cat bed. This is the perfect solution for cat furniture with limited space.

 I was having trouble using this over the last couple months, but that was the fault of my climate, not the fault of this product. The windows of my apartment had some ice bold up on them, so I was unable to successfully mount this when I first got it. When it started getting nicer out, I immediately thought to put this up. It was so easy to set up and mount on my windows, it even mounted nicely on my bedroom door!

  My cats had no reservations about using this and have been fighting over it since, especially when the sun is out. I do have chubby cats, and this is holding up wonderfully. The weight limit is 50lbs. I am not sure exactly how much my guys weigh, but they do both fit on this together, however I prefer that only one sit on it at a time.

 I find this to be very practical. It gives the cats a nice place to perch, while not taking up any floorspace. I like to move it from my door during the day to on top of my dresser at night. I like having it on something stable at night incase it ends up coming loose and falling. My mind always goes to worst case scenario, and the cats love it when I place it on my dresser. I think it gives them more support for their night time slumber. I think it is much easier and safer for them to get on/off of in the dark if it is on something that they can reach easier. It is very quick and easy to move.

Specs taken from the amazon product page:

●A soft and warm Window mounted cat bed with a view
●Washable cover and pad , Removable soft fleece cushion
●Sturdy construction,Easily moveable Durable material
●Safe up to 50 pounds,No permanent fixture No tools needed to install Strong frame and pad minimizes sagging
●Attractive design fits with any decor, Keeps cats off of other furniture

To learn more about this product you can visit the Amazon product page. I am unable to give you an official price as the product is currently sold out, but be sure to check often to see if it has been restocked! I know they had an issue with some greedy bloggers ordering multiple products and even giving out the free product code to their friends, which really messed with their inventory as they were unable to determine who was actually supposed to order it and who those jerks were that ordered multiple items or ordered when they weren't supposed to (this is becoming a big problem in the blogging community, too many greedy folks taking advantage of small businesses...). 

 * I received the product mentioned above in exchange for my honest feedback. Experiences discussed are my own. I would not want to mislead consumers as I would not want to be mislead.*

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