Bellemain 2-Pocket Chef's Apron

I cannot begin to tell you how many nice shirts I have ruined while cooking. You would think after the first one I would just change into something other than a nice shirt when I'm cooking, but that is not the case. Recently I had the opportunity to review the Bellemain 2-Pocket Chef's Apron,  I jumped at the chance. Finally, no more destroyed shirts.

The Bellemain 2-Pocket Chef's Apron is great for home cooks or grillers. It's fairly light weight and is machine washable, so it is easy to clean. The aprons neckline calls just about to the middle of my chest. It is quite long in length. I'm a plus size woman, I do wish that this were a little wider around, but it does cover the entire front of my body. When I first ordered it, I was worried that it might not tie around me, but that was not the case. The waist ties are very long, long enough to wrap around my body twice. This is great for larger folks like myself.

The two pockets on the front are great for utensils. They are wide and deep. I do not have a problem with my spatulas and long wooden spoons falling out. I like to keep a notepad and pencil in one of the pockets, incase I make recipe changes. You could even keep a potholder in one of the pockets!

I love the classic pinstripe design. I think that this is a design that both men and women can wear. The construction of this apron is strong. I do not think that it will fall apart. It does not feel cheap.

I'm unable to give you the price of the item right now, as it is sold out on amazon. As soon as I see it back in stock I will come back and update! To learn more about this apron feel free to check out the listing on Amazon.  I have not had the chance yet to photograph myself in this apron, but as soon as I do I will come back and update the post.

  **I received the product mentioned in this post for free, in exchange for my honest feedback. Opinions and experiences expressed are my own.**

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