Stay smell free with Tuna Squish!

Okay, so every time I tell people that I like canned tuna, I get funny looks. When I was in college I would have cans or punches of tuna in my bag to snack on with some Ritz crackers during my breaks.  I would usually use a little mayo and Italian dressing from the school food court, so I wasn't eating just plain old dry tuna on crackers. I Like buying the tuna pouches better because there is usually no juice that needs to be drained, so it is quick and mess free to make. While the pouches are more convenient for me, they are more expensive. Almost a dollar more than the same size serving in a can. When I am at home I use canned tuna for this reason, but I still hate getting the juice on my hands. Tuna Squish has created a product that solves this age old problem.

The Tuna Squish is a hand held device, that you place your opened can of tuna in, before you drain it. To use, simply run your can through a can opener, place the can in the tuna squish, with the top of the mouth on the top of the can, then squeeze over your sink (or garbage...or wherever you drain your tuna...I'm not judging). When you have drained all the juice you can remove the can, the lid stays attached to the mouth of the Tuna Squish via a magnet. To release, squeeze the release trigger, over your garbage can. You can then spoon out the tuna from the can, then get rid of the can. No need to touch any juices!

*video found on the Tuna Squish website*

I just knew that I needed something like this in my home, mainly because of how darn cute it is. I thought that even if I wasn't going to use it, it would be something that would start a conversation with someone. As it turns out, I use it almost every time that I make a can of tuna! It is so easy to use, there is no hassle involved. The Tuna Squish is currently being sold for $9.99. At this price, I would buy them as house warming party gag gifts! They are functional, adorable, and silly! I absolutely love mine.

To learn more, or to purchase one for yourself you can visit the Tuna Squish website. 

I received this product for free in exchange for my honest feedback. Thoughts and opinions expressed here are my own.

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