Portable Solar Charger Ultra-Efficient by SunLabz

I love trying new products that are energy efficient alternatives to devices that I already have. Recently, I got the chance to test out a portable solar power charger from SunLabz. Having a solar charger allows you to charge your phones, tablets, portable powerbanks, and other portable devices while on the go. I typically charge my phone and tablet with my laptop. I don't normally bring my laptop cord with me when I travel, just my laptop, so having this solar alternative would allow me to charge my devices without draining my laptop battery. 

The solar charger would be a great product for anyone who lives in a different climate than me. In my area, we get more cloudy days than sun, and in order to use this it needs to be sunny out. The past few weeks in my town has been nothing but clouds, rain, and snow. Where I live, I have been unsuccessful at using this device.

I recently went on a road trip and this worked perfectly in the car driving though Maryland, Virginia, and Pennsylvania, but here in New York, I have not had any sunny days to try it out. While on my trip, I was not able to charge my iPhone with this, but I was successful at charging an external battery pack fully that I was then able to use to charge my phone with. There just wasn't enough power to charge my iPhone. I have not tried charging other phones with this device. I will update if I do.

 I highly recommend this to anyone that does not have an iPhone 4 and lives in a sunny climate. This would probably work much better for me in the summer time. I love trying out new products that are energy efficient, so I am glad that I got to test this in exchange for my totally honest feedback.

You can purchase this product on Amazon for $59.99.

**I received this product for free in exchange for my honest feedback. All opinions and thoughts expressed here are my own. Top two photos taken from the Amazon product page. **

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