Foodtweeks is an app available on iPhone and Android phones that helps you while helping others. Foodtweeks contains a database of foods, where users can look up healthier "tweeks" to their favorite foods. When committing to a tweek, a donation is made to a food bank in the US.

I found the app helpful for figuring out how to make my favorite Big Macs a little healthier. When looking up Big Macs in the apps database it showed me that there were 8 tweeks I could make. The best option was to order a McDouble and have them add Mac Sauce instead. You can also order the McDouble without cheese, or with various amounts of mac sauce: from no sauce to 1/3 sauce.Another option is to order it without the middle bun.

When you share your "tweek" on Facebook, your donation is doubled. If you share it on Facebook and Twitter, the donation is tippled. Users can sign up using code MOMS to double your donations! Any food bank can request to join, here.

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