Bespoke Post: Refresh, Bring some class to your morning routine.

  If you have been following me, it probably comes as no surprise that I like to travel. As I write this I am on a trip to D.C. Traveling with a guy who hates packing can be challenging. The Bespoke Post Refresh is the perfect gift for men like this.

 The Refresh box from Bespoke Post is just one of the monthly boxes that was offered to me to choose from. Subscribers of Bespoke Post receive a new box each month. Each month there are 6-8 different boxes, typically 2 new boxes are added each month while older boxes are retired.  At the beginning of the month, subscribers receive a detailed box description in an email. From there, subscribers can decide to ship it, or skip it at no cost. Having the option to skip really appeals to me when I sign up for subscription boxes. I am far more likely to sign up for boxes that have "skip" options.

 Like I said, I chose Refresh box, since I know how much myself and my boyfriend travel, and how much he hates to pack for our trips. The Refresh box comes with just about everything he will be, personal hygiene wise, all in one stylish easy to Dopp kit.

Contents of the Refresh box:

Dopp Kit, 10"x6"x4", Blue Claw Co.

  • What they have to say: "Blue Claw's Dopp bag is as resistant to blending in as it is to wearing down. They were designed exclusively for us, and are crafted with care here in the States. The sturdy exterior uses a heavy 15oz waxed canvas sourced from family-run American mills, and the full-grain leather handle and pull tab, brass rivets and zipper, and signature blue ballistic nylon lining lend some polish. We've got it in two colorways: a rustic olive green, and British tan. " 
  • What I have to say: I received the British Tan bag. The bag is very well made, and certainly doesn't seem cheap. 
Heavy Hitter Shampoo, MITCH by Paul Mitchell
  • What they have to say: "Get the gunk out of your mane. MITCH's take cleans deep down to get rid of dirt and product, but won't strip away the natural oils that keep your hair soft and shiny. And the refreshing cedar & agave scent will leave your hair smelling as good as it looks."
  • What I have to say: I really like how this smells. I haven't used it on my own hair my boyfriend says "it seem's alright". He is man of few words, but if he didn't complain about it, that means he likes it. 

Construction Paste, MITCH by Paul Mitchell

  • What they have to say: "Finish your look by giving your hair some help. This stuff is easy to apply and dries soft for when you just want a bit of flexible texture that doesn't look overdone."
  • What I have to say: Again, not  product I have used, but I do like the smell. My boyfriend doesn't really use these types of hair product either, so I cannot really comment on how well this product works. 

Handmade Gold Moss Scrub Soap, 5 oz, Dr. Squatch
  • What they have to say: "These all-natural soaps are made by cold-pressing olive oil, coconut oil, hemp oil, organic shea butter, sea salt, and fragrance oils. The Gold Moss version -- our personal favorite -- has a woodsy, fresh scent that’ll bring out your inner ape."
  • What I have to say: Wow, what is it with all of these great smelling products! I usually really dislike the way a lot of "mens soaps" as they tend to smell really strong no matter how much they use. The soap is very soft, it doesn't feel to waxy like a lot of soaps tend to feel. I love the packaging. 

Face Wash, 4.4oz, Cremo Company
  • What they have to say:"This well-balanced facial cleanser is pH neutral with a concentrated foaming gel that leaves your face looking and feeling so fresh and so clean clean."
  • What I have to say: "I use this as armpit wash"- a real thing my boyfriend just said
Lotion 0.75 oz + Body Powder 1 oz, Gold Bond
  • What they have to say: "It's time to stop dipping into other people’s moisturizer and get one  of your own -- we like the all-around nature of Gold Bond’s Everyday lotion since it can be used on your hands, body and face. And to stay fresh throughout the day, dash on some body powder to stave off sweat."
  • What I have to say: The lotion smells good and is pretty moisturizing. I have really REALLY dry elbows, and the lotion made them much softer and not as rough. Neither of us have used the body powder.
Drinker's Detox, drinkwel
  • What they have to say: "Replenish your nutrients and help your body process alcohol-induced toxins while supporting a healthy liver function. Take these headache-savers after your next late night - your body and mind will thank you."
  • What I have to say: We have not used this product yet. It's a neat idea. 

Toothpaste, Marvis
  • What they have to say: A minty import from Italy, packed in an old school, apothecary inspired tube. It'll leave your mouth sparkling and your medicine chest looking good.
  • What I have to say: This is the classiest looking tube of toothpaste I have ever seen. It has a lovely mint flavor that while strong, isn't unpleasant. 

  Everything in this bag is perfect for the man on the go. All you really need to do is throw in some deodorant and a toothbrush and you are ready to go. One of these kits would be perfect to keep in the car incase you end up unexpectedly spending the night away from home. For $45, I think this bag is a great deal. TheBlue Claw Co Dopp Bag alone costs around $65.

  There are so many different Bespoke Post boxes to choose from, and any of them would make a great gift. In the previous months, Bespoke Post sent aged cocktail sets, coffee hand-grinders, high-end shaving kits, and more. Current boxes include an Infuse box that comes with a decanter and infusing rode, The Weekender box with includes a gorgeous mens overnight filled with various samples, a Barber box that includes various shaving products, and many more. To see all of their available boxes, click here. 

*I received the product for free, in exchange for my honest review. The thoughts and opinions expressed are my own.*

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