Experience the new LG OLED at Best Buy this Holiday Season!

Are you looking for great gifts that the whole family can enjoy this holiday season? I find that Best Buy consistently has the best tech gifts for everyone on my shopping list, but they also have great gifts that the whole family can enjoy together. I know that for me I always find that the best gifts are gifts that I can enjoy with others.

 In my home, as I have discussed in earlier posts, we are very technology oriented. There isn't a day that goes by that we don't spend time together watching an episode of our favorite show or playing a video game together. Not only would a TV be the perfect gift for a two person family like mine, it would also make a great gift in larger family homes that like to connect by having a movie or game show trivia night. 

This year the TV to definitely check out is the LG OLED television available at Best Buy. The design of this smart television is able to give you an amazing picture quality with infinite contrast, giving you the whitest whites and blankets blacks, while only being .21" thick. This television utilizes 4 pixel technology giving off the largest range of realistic colors. The LG OLED television is incredibly lightweight yet has the power to do all the things you would expect a smart TV to do. 

The screen for this television is curved. I have been dying to get a curved television. I just think they look so cool. The curved display means that your eyes are equally distant from all parts of the screen, providing a more natural viewing expirence. This televisions is avaliable with a screen size of 55". When it comes to family televisions, I say the bigger the better! I currently have a 55" television, and I find that it is the perfect size for my home. 

 The LG OLED comes with LG's new webOS platform. When connected to the internet, you are able to use the widgets to watch some of your favorite shows on Netflix and Hulu (as long as you subscribe to those services), or even shop on Amazon or watch videos on Youtube. You can also surf the web on this television. 

The LG OLED televison would make the perfect gift this holiday season. To learn more about this television you can visit the Best Buy website here. Save $500 by buying this on sale now! I know what I will be hinting for this #hintingseason!

The reviewer has been compensated in the form of a Best Buy Gift Card and/or received the product/service at a reduced price or for free

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