9/8 Workout: Wii Fit and Fitbit

  I have been slacking a little bit on my workouts since I picked up on hours at work, but I have the next two weeks off of work and intend to get back into action.

  For todays workout I focused mostly on cardio, along with a little bit of balance and strength training using the Wii Fit. I started with some yoga, doing the first 8 Wii Fit yoga exercises. I then spent some time doing some of the strength training, failing miserably. I attempted pushups and planks, these activities are not my friends. From there I moved onto some of the balance games. I spent about 4 minutes doing their balance activities. I then moved onto the cardio. I spent 1 hour doing the "Advanced Step" workout, where the user steps on and off the Wii Fit board for 10, 20, or 30 minutes. There are three different paces in each workout that you can follow. I tend to stick with the faster pace. I did the 10 minute step to start, then took a water break and got started on the 20 minute step. The good thing about these exercises is that you can do them while you change the input on your TV, so you can do this walk while watching your favorite show. I watched a little Full House during my 20 minute step. After, I took a longer break to make some dinner for myself and to relax just a bit.  I started the 30 minute step exercise when Friends came on the TV. I really find that doing the WiiFit step exercises while watching a show makes it so much more enjoyable. It was an easier workout, but it got me moving, and thats what really matters.

I spent 1 hour and 45 minutes working with the Wii Fit today.

  I use my Fitbit Zip Wireless Activity Tracker to keep track of my steps each day. I lost it about a week ago, and finally found it today. For those who are wondering, the Fitbit is a pretty neat little activity tracker. Basically, it's a glorified pedometer. It counts all of your steps, calories burned, miles walked, activity levels and has a clock. Some of the fancier models can track your sleep. On the Fitbit website or mobile app you can input all of the foods you eat and water you drink. I have the cheaper clip model. They do have some more expensive bracelets models available. Below are photos of the Fitbit screen and the stats as found on the website.

Calories                                                                                          Time

Steps                                                                                                           Distance, in miles

Activity Level, this smile means I met my 30min workout goal. The 30min goal is automatically set for everyone

Fitbit automatically sets your step goal to 10,000 a day.

Todays WOOTD (workout outfit of the day)

Pink top: Walmart
Black Compression Capri leggings: Old Navy
Shoes: Old Navy

 Just 4 more weeks until my race!

*Not a sponsored post. Neither Fitbit nor Nintendo have compensated me to write this post. Post does contain amazon affiliate link*

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