Out of the Box: Snake Oil Board Game!

A few months ago I received Snake Oil in exchange for an honest review, and it easily became one of my new favorite games! It was super easy to play. An unopened box comes with 324 word cards and 36 two sided customer cards (totaling 72 customers). The instructions are written on the side of the box in an effort to be more eco-friendly. To play, deal out 6 “word” cards to each player. One player draws a “customer card”. The player assumes this role while the other players choose two of their word cards to create a product. They have to pitch their product to the customer in a way that would make the customer choose their card. The winner of each round is the person whose product was chosen by the customer. The winner obtains the customer card. After each round has ended a new one begins, until each player has been a customer. The winner is the person with the most won customer cards after each person has been a customer.

The box has an example of gameplay: One player draws the “Caveman”. The other players create a product with two of their cards and explain why this product would be good for the caveman. One player combined the cards “snow” and Machine” creating a Snow Machine. This machine throws snow over 20 feet into your neighbor’s cave! Another player came up with a Beard Brush; this product would help a Caveman get tangles out of their beards! Anther product would keep the Caveman warm, the Animal Blanket, would sure be handy on cold nights! After everyone in the group has pitched their product to the customer, the customer chooses what product would be best for them! The winner of that round gets the caveman customer card and the next round begins and another person draws a customer card. The word cards that were used during that round can be discarded to the side and each player draws 2 new cards to replace those. Keep 6 cards in your hand each round.

These green and blue cards are the Customer Cards.
 These purple cards are the Word Cards.

Snake Oil was a super fun game! I brought this on trip I went on with some friends, and everyone absolutely loved it. The box says it’s for ages 10+ . My friends and I that played range from 22-26 and had a blast playing it. My boyfriend actually said “I don’t think I have laughed that hard in a long time, I needed that.” My boyfriend really isn’t a fan of games, so this is huge! I really like that it doesn't come with any extra piece of paper, and that the instructions are written right on the box. This keeps paper out of landfills! I also really like that this game can be played with people of any age! It's a game you can play with adults, children, or both! You can really get everyone in on the fun!

I know that sometimes game instructions can be kind of vague, so here is a video that Out of the Box has on their website! This video explains how to play the game! 

To learn more about Out of the Box or Snake Oil you can check out their Website, Facebook, and Twitter!

Disclaimer: I received this game for free in exchange for an honest review. Compensation does not sway my opinion. 

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