O2Cool Mist 'n Sip Review

Stay cool on the field, at the beach, or in the woods with the Mist 'n Sip water bottle by O2Cool! These patented misting water bottles provide the option of misting cool water on the outside while you stay refreshed on the inside!

Over the summer I was sent 3 different Mist 'n Sip water bottles to review! These bottles are seriously awesome! I brought them on vacation to Maine with me and they were super helpful! I really like that instead of having to waste water by dumping your bottle on your head, you are able to spray a light mist on yourself where you need some cooling!

The pink bottle is from the O2Cool 20oz. Classic Mist 'n Sip line. This is a hard plastic bottle. The mist trigger is easy to use. I like that the bottle has lines that show how much water you have in the bottle. This can make mixing drinks other than water easier, or can help you keep track of your water intake each day. I really love the color of this bottle. Pink is one of my favorite colors, so this was a pleasant surprise!

The light grey bottle with the purple detailing is from the O2Cool ArcticSqueez(TM) Insulated Mist 'n Sip line. This bottle is a softer easy-to-squeeze water bottle. This bottle is a little easier to drink out of than the previous.  The bottle is a little lighter, making it perfect for hiking, camping, or sporting events.

The dark grey bottle with red detailing is from the O2Cool ArcticSqueeze(TM) Classic line. It has a simple easy-to-squeeze design. This bottle was the lightest of them all. My boyfriend likes this bottle the most.

I really love all of these bottles! They were really useful on my trip to Maine. Since I brought all three of them with me, I let my friends use the two I wasn't using. We used them at the beach and on hikes through the woods. We all really love the misting feature. The misting tripper was super easy to use. My friends have never heard of this type of bottle before, they thought it was pretty awesome that someone came up with this design! I will certainly continue to use these bottles and encourage my friends to try them out as well!  If you watch carefully below you can see the misting in action!!

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