Winning Moves Games: Review and Giveaway

Winning Moves Games was originally founded in 1995 by four highly esteemed game industry professionals. These four and their team of talented game marketers and developers worked to fulfill their mission of providing happiness to their customers by offering the best Classic, Cool, and Retro games to be played amongst friends and family.

Winning Moves Games recently gave the me opportunity to review a variety of their board games. I was super excited about this opportunity because I have played their game "Pass The Pigs" before, and I thought it was fun and quirky! I looked forward to trying out their other games, and I was not disappointed! Each of their game were great! I really like that they were all two person games, so I could have a fun night at home if I didn't want to leave that night. These games work for large groups as well! I brought them on my trip to Maine a few weeks ago, and my friends loved them! They kept us occupied after a long day on the beach.

Pass the Pigs

I was introduced to Pass The Pigs by a couple of my friends from college! I was super excited to have the change to review this game because it is one of my all time favorite games. It's quirky and fun, it is also pretty easy to pick up on. This game is good for players 7 years old and up. It Can be played with 2 or more players. I love games that can be played with a minimum of to people, because I don't always have the chance to go out and do something after work, so this makes for a fun night at home. 

Game Play:
  •  Remove the cover from the game pad. This can be used a a quick referance guide throughout the game.
  • Choose a "swineherd" to keep track of everyones score. 
  • Choose a player to go first. Players toss both pigs at the same time. How they land determines your score. You can earn 0-60 points per round. 

This is called the Double Razorback. This combo is worth 20 points.
This is called a "Pig Out". Pig Outs happen when your pigs land on opposite sides (only one dot up). If both pigs had their dot showing, or if neither of them had a dot showing then this could have scored, but since it is one dot no points are given.

This one is called the Sider. This is worth 1 point. Siders happen when both pigs land on the same side, in this case the both landed no-dot side up. 

There are a bunch of other combos you can get. Some of them can be a little tricky to identify, but the instructions have detailed information about each of them. 

After you have rolled and counted up your points you have the opportunity to be a "Pig-head". You can take a chance and roll for more points, but remember: you could lose all of your points from that round if you throw a "Pig Out."

A player keeps throwing pigs until:
1. They decide to stop.
2.They throw a "Pig Out."
3. You throw and "Oikner" (two pigs touching), and lose all of your points that you have accumulated through the game.

Winning the game:
 The first person to reach 100 points is the winner!

In Box Contents:
2 pig "dice"
score pad
scoring guide
2 pencils
plastic carrying case

Here is a cute little commercial I found for the game:

Scattergories Categories

Scattergories Categories was my favorite game to play! It is super simple, anyone can pick up on it in seconds. I like that this game can be played with pretty much any age group that can spell, even if they are bad at spelling, however the box does say ages 12 and up. If you wanted to play with a younger group you could always extend the time to write down answers by a minute or two. I was always a fan of the Scattagories game, Scattagories Categories is a fresh twist on an old classic. Like I said earlier, I brought most of these games to Maine with me, and this was our favorite game. It is fun to learn how others think, and I think you can learn a lot about someone by the answers they give in that game. 

Basic Gameplay: 
  • Each player or team gets a pad of score sheets to write down words. 
  • A Word Card is drawn by a player, you can decide if one person is going to draw the word card throughout the game or you can take turns drawing a word card. 
  • Flip over the timer once a player has read the word/phrase card out loud. 
  • Each player/team has two minutes to write down as many words relevant to the letters and category and phrase of that card: If the card has the word Roadtrip written down it and the phrase on the side of the card says "names of cities" players will list names of cities that begin with the letters on the word "roadtrip". You could write Raleigh for "R", Oadkland of "O", Auburn for "A"and so on.
  • Once the timer runs out all of the players stop writing. 
  • Players earn points for every unique answer. If someone else wrote down a word that you also have then neither of you get a point.
  • You can challenge words that other players have played. If you don't think a word is relevant to the card then you can call them out on it. If the group decide as a whole that the word is not relevant then the player does not get that point. 
  • The first person to 25 points wins.

In Box Contents:
125 cards containing 250 word challenges 
 2-minute sand timer,
4 pads of player score sheets
 plastic card base and rules.

Pastime Puzzle: "The Stand Off"

"The Stand Off" puzzle was designed by Lane Kendrick. It is a 300 piece puzzle. This puzzle is a little different than most other puzzles I have done in the past. It has some very distinct shapes as well as the tyical puzzle piece. Shapes I saw include: men and women sitting, lamps, helicopters, stars, boots, seahorses, and more! These pieces really added a challage to this puzzle because it wasn't always obvious where they went.
I worked on this puzzle with my boyfriend. It took us about two hours to get it done. I am not the greatest at putting puzzles together, but we had a lot of fun, and out cats loved sitting on the pieces. This puzzle can be purchase on the Winning Moves website for $12.95. They also have 300 piece puzzles in other designs, as well as 500 piece puzzles, and 1,000 piece puzzles!

Ignore the fact that my boyfriend is wearing my hoodie...he thinks it is the most comfortable hoodie in the universe. 

"Do I really have to get off of the puzzle pieces? They are so comfy."

"This looks like a nice spot to sit."

 These are some of the Whimsical pieces. You can see a boot, lamp, Eifel Tower,sea horse, among other shapes!

Here is a photo of the finished puzzle! It's adorable!

Stop It

Stop It is a pretty fun card game!  I liked that it was fast paced and takes little experience, just quick thinking. This can be played with two players, but the more the merrier! The recommended age group is 10+. The goal of this game is to be the first player to play all of their cards.

Quick Game Rules::
  • Deal out all of the game cards. 
  • Play with one less "Stop It " card than there are people.
  • There is no set order as to which way game play goes. Whoever has the next number of the same color card gets to go next.
  • A stop card can be played at any time, although each player can only use it once. Playing a stop card halts the game. The person who played the Stop It card get to choose what color and number is played next. 
  • Once the color and number is changed play continues as normal, Once you reach the number 10 on any color you automatically go to a new color. If someone hit "stop it" while you were playing on a blue card and changes it to a new color, players can go back and finish the blue cards by playing a new stop card or by a natural stop (when every number of a color has been played". 
Full rules can be found in the game box. You can also watch the video below to follow along as Winning Games shows you how to play!

 To purchase this game you can visit their website to order it online or find a list of in store retailers. This game is sold for $5.95

Pass the Pigs: Pig Party 

Pass the Pigs: Pig Party is similar to the regular Pass The Pigs game, with a few different rules and fun new colors! This can be purchase on their website for $17.95. Since I did a write up for the original Pass The Pigs game I will just leave you with this video that is hosted on the Winning Moves Youtube channel. It shows the new rules that can be played, this game can also be played just like the original.

Sites to check out:
Winning Moves Facebook Page
Winning Moves Twitter
Winning Moves Youtube
Winning Moves Website

Giveaway time! One lucky winner will win all of the games reviewed here! Winning Moves is responsible for the shipment of this prize. This is open to Continental US residents only. Ages 18+, unless you have parental permission. You must follow instructions on each entry that you do. You do not have to do all of the entries, just the ones you want. The more you do the better chance of winning you have. To see the instructions on an entry hit the +1 (or whichever number that entry has) button. Each entry has a different instruction. Once the giveaway has ended a winner will be emailed, and will have 48 hours to email me back. If a winner has not claimed their prize a new one will be drawn. Good Luck!

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I received the above mentioned products for free in exchange for an honest review. The experiences and opinions expressed are my own.


  1. I love, and am very good at SCRABBLE!

  2. I love Monopoly and Yahtzee.These games look like they'd be fun to play with my nieces.Thank you :)

  3. My favorite board game currently is Taboo!! It's so much fun. But I used to play Pass The Pigs with my Grandma when I was little and I would love for my kids to play it with their Grandma!! I didn't even remember until I read your blog post.. thanks for the great memory :)


  4. I love monopoly, taboo and yahtzee.
    My family and I ever year since I was able to play board games have played for Thanksgiving and Christmas when we all get together. i would LOVE to win this! We LOVE board games! Thanks for the giveawaY!

  5. I love monopoly, taboo and yahtzee.
    My family and I ever year since I was able to play board games have played for Thanksgiving and Christmas when we all get together. i would LOVE to win this! We LOVE board games! Thanks for the giveawaY!

  6. I love monopoly, taboo and yahtzee.
    My family and I ever year since I was able to play board games have played for Thanksgiving and Christmas when we all get together. i would LOVE to win this! We LOVE board games! Thanks for the giveawaY!

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