The Better Chip Review and Giveaway!

What makes The Better Chip better than its competitors? Well, it could be the great flavors they offer or that they use all natural ingredients. It could also be the fact that the flavor is inside the chip, instead of powdered on top! The Better Chip makes their chips from fresh, 100% non-GMO corm masa, and 40% fresh other produce. These chips are made by combining chopped produce into the corn, so the flavor wont fall off in the bag! Because these chips are made with a double corn formula they pack a serious crunch!

The Better Chip recently offered to send me a bag of each of each of their flavors. I love corn chips, so I was super excited to try these out. They have flavors that I had never even heard of before! These chips were pretty unique. I received flavors like Spinach & Kale, Red Peppers with Salsa Fresca, Corn and Sea Salt, Sweet Onions, and Jalapenos. I was a little worried about these flavors at fist, as I don't really like peppers or onions, and when it comes to spinach I can take it or leave it. Wow, am I happy that I got to try these. Each flavor was simply amazing.They were  flavors I haven't tried, but will continue to each in the future. The chips were also so crunchy, more so than other chips I have tried. 
The Flavors:

Spinach & Kale is the newest flavor. This was the first flavor I tried. I wasn't really sure what to expect with this, but it was delicious! I really loved it. It was great on its own, and it was also really good with a dip. I made Chicken Wing Dip to try with these, and they paired nicely. 
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Why is my chip so green?
It’s from food coloring! Nah, just kidding. It’s really from all the fresh spinach and kale we chopped and put into our double thick, all-natural corn masa. Then we lovingly dusted it with a bit of sea salt. So green. So thick. So not afraid of any dip.

I was expecting the Red Peppers with Salsa Fresca flavor to be really spicy, but it wasn't. It had a very fresh taste to it, the flavor didn't seem artificial like a lot of chips tend to be. I have tried salsa chips from other brands that were just awful. These were actually really good! 
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Is that really salsa in my chip?
Umm, yep. Not gonna lie here. We really did give them a happy dusting of salsa fresca. Don’t tell anyone, but we also stuffed chunks of real, fresh red peppers into our all-natural, double thick corn masa. So tasty, crunchy and sturdy, you won’t have to worry about leaving chip stragglers in your dip.

The Corn with Sea Salt chips were your typical corn chip. They were really good, and had a great crunch! I ate these alone and with the chicken wing dip that I mentioned earlier. These would be great for having at parties where you don't know what kind of chip everyone will enjoy.
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What’s that yellow stuff in my chip?
We may be crazy, but blending real, fresh corn kernels right off the cob into our double thick corn masa seemed like a better idea than cob chips. We could be wrong. These thicker, crunchier and sturdier chips are lightly dusted with sea salt and won’t crack under pressure while dipping.

Sweet Onions with White Cheddar were my second favorite flavor. They were totally unique. I have never tried anything like them before. They had a sweet yet cheesy taste to them. I recomend these to anyone who wants to try a new flavor. I hate onions, but I love these. Don't let the word "onions" keep you from trying them (well, unless you're allergic!).
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Who put real onion in my chip?
Ok, we admit it. Those are real, fresh sweet onions we crammed into our double thick, all-natural corn masa. After that, we sprinkled on some naturally delicious white cheddar. Extra thick. Extra oniony.

The result: A sturdier, thicker, onionier chip that can handle any dip.

The Jalapenos with Sea Salt flavor were sort of what I expected, with a twist. They jalapenos were a little spicy, but there was an unexpected sweetness that balanced it out. They were super crunchy, just like all of the other flavors.  
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Why is my mouth on fire?
That’s what happens when real, fresh jalapeƱos are split, seeded, chopped, sliced, diced and pressed into our double thick, all-natural corn masa. Just don’t blame us if your lips are on fire. We warned you. Add to that a bit of sea salt and you've got a thicker, crunchier and onionier chip that dips will fear.

Overall I do have to say that I really liked these chips. They were all very crunchy and full of unique flavors. I love trying new foods that are a better alternative to the foods I have been eating. Since these chips are made from natural ingredients and non-gmo corn I can feel good about eating them! All flavors are Vegan friendly, except the Sweet Onion with White Cheddar flavor. They are made in a nut-free environment, and are made on a tortilla-chip only line.

Where to find The Better Chip products:

Would you like to try The Better Chip? The Better Chip has generously offered to send one of my readers a free bag of Spinach & Kale chips, a coupon for a bag of chipvalid on any of their $3.99 bags, and a free t-shirt in your size! This is open to US residents who are 18 years or older, unless you have parental permission to enter. You must follow instructions on each entry that you do. You do not have to do all of the entries, just the ones you want. The more you do the better chance of winning you have. To see the instructions on an entry hit the +1 (or whichever number that entry has) button. Each entry has a different instruction. Once the giveaway has ended a winner will be emailed, and will have 48 hours to email me back. If a winner has not claimed their prize a new one will be drawn. Good Luck!

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I received the products mentioned above for free in exchange for an honest review. The opinions are not swayed by compensation.


  1. I'd like to taste the Spinach & Kale and also the Corn.I love chips!Thank you for the yummy giveaway :)

  2. Did you know the Alexa Reviews have been retired? I just went there and saw this.

    1. Oh, I didn't know that! Thank you for letting me know!

  3. One more thing.Chobani yogurt has been recalled due to salmonella.

    1. The recall was due to a specific type of mold that is common with yogurt production, and was only issued on a certain batch of yogurt. Their original NY factor is right down the road from my house, this is not where the incident happened. The contamination has been fixed and the yogurt is now safe to eat. Products with the code 16-012 and expiration dates from Sept. 11 to Oct. 7 have been recalled. All other products are safe.

  4. I would love the Spinach and Kale, my two favorite greens!

  5. I love red peppers so I would most likely try that flavor :)