Vacation, School, and a Lack of Motivation.

I know it has been a slow couple weeks on my blog. Between getting ready for another semester of college and getting ready for my upcoming vacation, I have lost some motivation to do pretty much anything. I will be attempting to push out 3-5 more reviews before I leave for my vacation to Maine on Friday. I'm not guaranteeing anything, I still have a lot of work to do around my apartment before I leave, but I would like to try to get them done. I will be gone from August 16th until August 21st. I will have a few days off, then i have to work the 23rd-25, and then college starts back up on the 26th. This is my last year as a bachelors student, so I think I will be focusing more of my time on school and a little less on my blog. I still plan on doing reviews and giveaways, but not as many. They are time consuming, but I love doing them. It's going to be a crazy year, but I am happy to finally be graduating. I still haven't looked into graduate school, but I still have some time. We will see where life takes me! Thanks for visiting. I really appreciate every visit, comment, and giveaway entry! You guys are the reason I keep going with this!  

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