Beanitos: Bean Chip Review!

Beantios are the original Bean Chips! Beanitos were created by two brothers who love to snack! These brothers believe that everyone deserves to crunch and dip without compromise, so they created a chip that not only tastes great, but is also good for you! 
Beanitos are made from all natural ingredients. They don't use any fillers, artificial colors, artificial flavors, or preservatives. They contain no corn, and are certified kosher and certified gluten free. The company follows strict guidelines to ensure their machinery is washed and sanitized before each use, and is lab tested to ensure that gluten is not present. They are high in fiber and rich in protein. Beanitos Bean Chips are also free of cholesterol and trans fats. These chips contain non-GMO ingredients, so it is food you can feel good about eating! 

Beanitos offered to send me free chips in exchange for an honest review. I had never tried bean chips before, so I was a little unsure of what to expect- flavor wise. I ripped the box open as soon as it was delivered. I received 5 different flavors, and a total of 6 bags. The chips in the bags were not broken, which was a huge bonus!

My favorite flavor was the Chipotle BBQ Black Bean Chip. The BBQ spice ingredients include Tomato Powder, Onion Powder, Chipotle Pepper Powder, Spices, Garlic Powder, Paprika, and Natural Smoke Flavor. They had the perfect amount of BBQ flavor to them. I really liked the smokey taste. I ate them without a dip, so I can't comment on how well they will hold up with it, but they are sturdy chips. They don't break right in half like a lot of chips do. Often times when you eat flavored chips, the flavoring powder is left all over your fingers, but I noticed with these that this was not a problem. There was little reside left over.

I ate the White Bean with Sea Salt chips with some Guacamole. These chips were formed into a triangular shape. This made dipping easy. These chips did not break when I dipped them. They had the perfect amount of salt added. It wasn't overpowering, I didn't feel like they were too salty. These were also fantastic on their own. These would be really good as a meal if you were to make nachos. The White Bean chips are made with Whole Navy Beans, Whole Grain Long Brown Rice and/or Long Grain White Rice, Pure Sunflower and/or Safflower Oil, Guar Bean Gum, and Sea Salt. Overall, I did like this flavor. It was simple, yet tasty.

The Better Cheddar chips were also really good! They were very flavorful, without being too cheesy...if there even is such a thing. These chips were made from Pinto Beans. They had a very nice crunch to them. The cheesy blend is made from Pasteurized Milk, Cheese Cultures, Salt, Enzymes, Whey, Buttermilk, and Annatto. I ate these without a dip, they could also be eaten with a cheese dip, or maybe even sour cream.

The Black Bean with Seal Salt chips paired really well with a chicken wing dip that I made. I brought these to a friends house for a quick snack before we went out for the night. Everyone loved the chips. It was something they hadn't tried, or even heard of, before. These are made with Whole Black Beans, Whole Grain Long Brown Rice and/or Long Grain White Rice, Pure Sunflower and/or Safflower Oil, Guar Bean Gum, and Sea Salt.

I received a Nacho Cheese flavor, but I have not tried them. I gave them to my boyfriend before having a chance to take a photo of them. My boyfriend did say that he loved the flavor and texture of these chips. He really liked that the chips "don't shatter in a bunch of jagged pieces like other chips do". This flavor is made with Whole Navy Beans, Whole Grain Long Brown Rice and/or Long Grain White Rice, Pure Sunflower and/or Safflower Oil, Cheddar Cheese Blend [Cheddar Cheese (Pasteurized Milk, Cheese Cultures, Salt, Enzymes) Whey, Buttermilk, Annatto], Sea Salt, Tomato Powder, Onion Powder, Garlic Powder, Spices, Lactic Acid, Paprika, Citric Acid, and Guar Bean Gum.

I think that the quality of these chips is amazing. They were all fresh, crispy, and held up through being shipped to me to dipping. To learn more about their products you can visit their website.  You can find these chips at a store near you by using the store locator form on their website. You can also like them on Facebook, and follow them on Pinterest and Twitter!

Disclaimer: I received the products mentioned above for free in exchange for an honest review.  I stand by my opinions, and only recommend products I think will be good for my viewers.

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  1. My son would love these! Thanks for a great review, I have never seen these but will look into them for him.