Topic Tuesday: Body Positivity and Fat Acceptance.

There is no denying that we live in a society that hates fat people. You can see it on the cover of any magazine "BEST AND WORST BEACH BODIES, GUESS WHO GAINED 40 LBS, LOOK AT THE FLAB", hear it in the halls of any high school "omg she's so fat ew", and read it all over the internet. Just the other day at work I heard a little girl, who was no older than 5, call her brother "fat" in a mean way because she was mad at him. The kicker? He wasn't even fat. He was a thin child. Why is it that people choose to degrade people based on a weight that they may or may not be? It's disgusting and it's time for change.

 I will start off by saying that I have not always been fat. I used to be a size 7/9 in jeans when I was in high school and now 4 years later I wear 14/16. I call myself fat not so that others will pity me and say "you're not fat, you're pretty", but because I am fat. Saying "you're  not fat, you're pretty/beautiful/hot" is NOT a compliment. Why can't I be both? Why is it just one or the other? I am fat, and I am pretty.

 The weird thing about me weighing so much more now than I did then is that I have a lot more self confidence now. Back then I was terribly upset any time someone called me fat. I gained a lot of weight after graduating high school and started to hate my body even more. My body image revolution started when I joined Tumblr. I started to follow blogs by plus size women who actually loved themselves. I always noticed how much hate mail they got for it, yes they got hate mail for loving themselves while fat...as if it were some sort of crime. People like to think that thin people have a monopoly on self confidence and body love, but that is changing. I  now wear things that I would have never worn before. I didn't even own a pair of shorts until 2 summers ago, and now I live in short-shorts, and short dresses. I have pretty fat upper arms and i wear sleeveless shirts, tank tops, and strapless dresses almost daily.  I am a firm believer in wearing what ever you want, regardless of how flattering it may be. I do not care if my body makes you uncomfortable, that is an issue within yourself that you need to work out. You should not be uncomfortable around a person just because of their size. I will continue to squeeze my bum into what ever I want, regardless of how much flab shows! All women, it's time to start loving your bodies. Wear sleeveless shirts, wear short dresses, wear short-shorts. You do not have to censor your body to make others feel comfortable around you. Do not hide your skin to please others. It is okay to dress for the weather. Throw on a bathing suit and you now have a glorious beautiful beach body. Remember, thin women do not have a monopoly on beach bodies either. I have an awesome beach body every time I go to the beach! 

It's so weird to think that just 4 years ago I would have never posted any photos like these, and now I love them. I even have a shirt that says I'm Fat Let's Party!  I use words like fatshion and plus size (instead of fashion) when tagging photos on instagram, two words I would have never been able to come to terms with in high school. I have embraced myself, and I hope you can too!

And remember, when you make fun of a fat person for being fat the only thing you are doing is making yourself look like a jerk. We will not stop loving ourselves! 

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