Diet To Go: Day 5 of 5

Sorry I'm a little late with this one. It's been a busy week for me. Day 5 was a pretty good day for meals.I'm a little sad that it was my last day, it was nice not having to turn the stove/oven on with it being so hot here lately!

For breakfast I had a Cranberry Scone and Orange Juice. The scone came with a delicious Orange Marmalade.  I don't recall every having a scone before, but I can say that I will have them in the future. This was so good. The marmalade really pulled everything together. I like that the scone wasn't too dry and that it didn't crumble or make a mess. I heated this up in the microwave for about 10 seconds.

Lunch this day was a Tomoato Pesto Meltover with a side of Apple Cake. I let one of my friends have the lunch this day, because I'm not a real big fan of tomatoes. She said she really liked it. The pesto flavor was really good, although it would have been better if it were in a sandwich form rather than two hales of a tortilla. I ate the apple cake that came with this meal. I heated both of these up in the oven. neither of them came out soggy, which is a huge plus in my book!
For dinner I had the Blackened Turkey Loin (Turkey, Asparagus Risotto, Vegetables, Carrot Purse).My favorite part about this meal was the Turkey. It was fresh tasting, and cooked perfectly! The seasoning on it was very good. The rice was alright, I'm not a fan of of rice, asparagus, or cooked veggies (with the exception of broccoli). The vegetables were good for what they were. They were not soggy, they were crisp and seemed fresh to me. 

Overall,  would recommend the diet-to-go system to anyone who is looking for a little more convenience in their life, or for people who want to lose weight. I really like that it gave me the opportunity to try new foods that I might not have tried before. 
To learn more about Diet-To-Go you can read my  review. You can also lean more about Day 1 of 5Day 2 of 5, Day 3 of 5, and Day 4 of 5. 

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  1. WOW! All of this food sounds really delicious! I love pesto, so I'm certain I would have gobbled that one right up. :) Found you via Night Owl's Blog Hop. Good to 'meet' you!
    Lana @ Monday's Nugget