Diet-to-go meals. Day 2 of 5.

Sorry I'm a day late with this post, which will push back the other days as well. I had a busy past couple of days. 

To start things off with day two, I ate a Broccoli and Egg Pie with some Applesauce and Apple Juice. The pie is more of a quiche. It was delicious. I threw this in the oven and the crust was flaky and the filling was warmed all the way through. The dough did not end up soggy, which is a huge plus. This meal was delicious. The flavors just went so well together.

For lunch I had the Turkey Swiss Sandwich. The bread was absolutely amazing. I also threw this meal in the oven. the bread came out all toasted, the cheese melted perfectly, and the turkey was warmed all the way through. The sandwich came with a tomato pesto on it, which is unusual because most of the other condiments for other meals came in a little cup on the side. I did not like the pesto very much. There were too many onions. I ended up just scraping it all off. Once i removed the pest the sandwich was delicious! The flavor from whatever pesto particles that remained really did add to the sandwich. I really liked the Terra Veggie Chips. I might have to go out and buy my own bag! 

For dinner I had Curried Shrimp. This was my first time trying curried anything, and now I might have to go out and eat some more! I loved it! I microwaved this meal, and it came out perfect. The shrimp was tasty, and the sauce/rice mixture was delicious. This meal came with peas and carrots on the side. 

You can read more about diet-to-go in my Overview post over here and read about Day 1, Day 2.

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