Diet-to-go meals. Day 1 of 5.

Yum, so day one was delicious! Remember, my goal is not to lose weight. I am trying to eat healthier and this system allows you to eat healthier while trying new foods!
For breakfast i had Whole Grain French Toast with Mango-Cranberry syrup and orange juice. My goodness, the syrup was absolutely amazing. That is something I would not have tried otherwise, and now I want to find a bottle to buy. It is way more flavorful than your typical maple syrup. The Whole Grain French toast was really good too. The orange juice that came with the meal was Ocean Spray brand.
I removed the meal from the tray and ate it on a plate.
For lunch I had the Tuscan Boats with Turkey AKA Italian Style Stuffed Potatoes. This meal consisted of potatoes cut in half and topped with turkey sausage, tomato sauce, and mushrooms, and cheese. Wow, were these good! The side for this means was a little cup of Wheat Berry Salad, which I had never heard of before. I was not a fan of this. I did eat all of the fruit out of it though, which I assume were cranberries.

A closer look:

For dinner, I ate my favorite meal, Chili! Yum! This chili was a bit different than any chili I have had before. It contained chick peas, large slices of carrots, zuchinni, squash, along with many other veggies. This meal came with some shredded mozzerella cheese and sour cream, this is to be added to the chili. It also came with a slice of cornbread. I put the cornbread in the oven and I microwaved the chili. Both the cornbread and the chili were phenomenal. 

With the mozzarella and sour cream:

I am excited to try day two! Check back tomorrow for more meals! You can read my review for more info about the Diet-to-go system. 

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  1. Looks really good! The portions are great can;t wait to see more of these posts!