Diet-to-go Day 4 of 5!

Another day full of fantastic meals!
For breakfast this morning I chose the Greek Burrito, chicken sausage, and veggie meal. To prepare this meal I put it in the microwave for a couple minutes.  The burrito was very good, but could have been better if there were not olives in it. I usually like olives, but i don't think they went well with the eggs. The eggs were really good, which i found a little surprising because anytime I have previously microwaved eggs they came rubbery. These were not rubbery at all, they were actually quite fluffy. The burrito also contained spinach and fetta cheese.They tasted like they were freshly made. The chicken sausage was kind of flaky.  It tasted really good, but the constancy was a little off. As I have said in previous posts I don't really like peppers, I love the flavor of peppers, but not the texture. I can't comment on the quality of the peppers since I didn't eat them, but they smelled really good!
Even Winston Furchill liked my breakfast. I caught him trying to steal it from me!
For lunch I had the Michigan Turkey Salad sandwich with an apple, drinkable dannon yogurt, and a lentil chili. The turkey salad was a great! I haven't had this type of turkey sandwich before, but I know I will be eating it in the future! It was delicious! The turkey tasted fresh, and it was in chunks instead of shredded, which I like. It didn't see, processed like a lot of lunch-meat salads. The turkey salad contained various types of fruits and veggies. The lentil chili was really good too. The apple was fresh, there were no dents or bruises. This meal filled me right up. i was not left feeling hungry at all!

Dinner was my favorite meal! Everything about it was amazing. For dinner I ate the Chicken Brunswick Stew and Corn-Lentil loaf. I LOVED the cornbread/lentil loaf so much! I devoured it right up! The chicken was in nice sized chunks, it tasted fresh, and didn't seem processed. There were peas, okra, peppers, corn, and some other veggies in this.  None of the veggies were mushy, they all seemed crisp!This is a meal I would eat over and over again!

Another day of great tasting meals! You can read more about Diet-to-Go over here in my overview review. You can also check out Day 1 here,  Day 2 here, and Day 3 Here


  1. That burrito looks so yummy. Thanks for posting... I had no clue their food looked so good

  2. wow that actually looks very tasty!

  3. Having healthy food prepared for you makes it very easy to diet! Great program!

  4. I have never heard of this program. Sounds interesting. The Chicken Brunswick Stew looks delicious! Your cat looks like my cat Lucy! She is always into something.