Diet-to-go: Day 3 of 5!

Another yummy day! For breakfast I had Whole Grain Pancakes with  Strawberry Syrup, Turkey Sausage,  and Asparagus. I threw this meal in the over for about 10 minutes at 375F.  The pancakes were delicious, as was the syrup. This company really nails it when it comes to condiments! They pair their foods in such an amazing way. I love breakfast meats, except turkey bacon, so I was a little skeptical about the turkey sausage. It turns out that turkey sausage is amazing! It is a healthier alternative to other sausages and it is delicious! This was my first time ever trying asparagus, and I didn't like it. I never thought I would have liked it anyways, so this isn't a fault with the company, it's a fault of my own! 

For lunch I had the Turkey Cutlet Sub which came with a pepper relish and an apple. I threw this in the oven for about 20 minutes at 375F. I don't like peppers so I was a little worried that I might not like the pepper relish, but it was actually really good. It didn't taste much different than regular relish. After taking this photo I spread the relish over both halves of the sub. They turkey tasted really good too! It wasn't processed and sliced like most lunch meat. The apple was super fresh! There were no bruises on it, which is awesome considering the journey it had to make to get to my house! The portion size of this meal did not leave me feeling hungry at all. I ate it right before leaving for a 6 hour shift at work and did not feel hungry all day!
For dinner I ate the Turkey Salisbury Steak. I warmed this meal in the microwave.This came with 2 little sesame bread sticks, green beans, and mashed potatoes. What I really liked about this is that the potatoes were not gritty or watery like a lot of frozen mashed potatoes. The gravy went nicely with both the potatoes and the turkey Salisbury steak. The Salisbury steak was really good. It didn't taste cheap like a lot of the ones in microwave meals do. The green beans tasted fresh and they had a nice snap to them.

Overall, it was another good meal day! They were all so yummy. The only part I didn't like was the asparagus, and that's simply because I don't like asparagus. You can read more about Diet-to-Go over here in my overview review. You can also check out Day 1 here and Day 2 here.

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