The Soothing Company: Pouring Pot Tabletop Fountain!

The Soothing Company has a large selection of home and garden products  meant to sooth and relax you. On their website you can purchase water fountains, bean bag chairs, fireplaces, aquariums, bonsai trees, massage chairs, hammocks, outdoor water fountains, and much much more!

 The Soothing Company also owns another site called Soothing Walls. Soothing Walls has been offering up the largest collection of water fountains since 2006. With the great customer service and high quality products it's no wonder why people love their fountains so much! Soothing Walls  offers a wide variety of fountains from small indoor fountains that can be displayed on a desk to wall fountains, floor fountains, outdoor fountains, and much more! They even sell water walls that can be customized to display a company logo!

The Soothing Company recently offered me a fountain in exchange for my honest review. I was given a few products to choose from and I thought the Pouring Pot Tabletop Fountain would be the perfect fit for my home. The fountain was shipped out quickly and arrived in perfect condition. The Pouring Pot Tabletop Fountain is made of a durable poly-resin. The material is very sturdy. This fountain can be used indoors or outdoors, all you need is an outlet to make it run! The fountain comes with the pump needed to make the water flow and an underwater LED light. There is also a  plastic leafy plant included with the fountain. It adds just the perfect amount of color to the fountain! I personally think this fountain is gorgeous! I love the sound of the water flowing into the basin on the fountain. It is very relaxing. My cats seem to love it as well. They instantly went over and sat next to it, one of them even tried drinking from it!

Here is a GIF and some photos: 

 Here is a photo with the fountain turned off and unplugged

To learn more about the company or to order your own water fountain or other soothing product you can visit their websites here and here.

What product would you love to own? Let me know in the comments below! I think I might want to invest in one of their hammocks in the future. They look so comfortable! 


  1. Great review! I love fountains! I've always wanted to put one on my patio but they're so expensive.I'm hoping someone will have a giveaway with one and then I can try to win one.I couldn't have one in the house I'd be going to the bathroom a lot.LOL!!

    1. I was worried about the bathroom issue too, but it doesn't really seem to bother me! I'm really enjoying the sound of the fountain, and so are my cats =^.^=

  2. That is beautiful! I bet it would drive my cats wonky though!!

  3. Aww that looks so pretty! And it would be really soothing and add a great aesthetic to the room, something you can build your whole decor around. Thanks for sharing it!

  4. These would be amazing! I should put them in my sitting area...its the only space the kids are NOT allowed! ;-)

  5. Looks pretty. But the sound of water always makes me need to potty.

  6. I love the big ones for outside.These really are pretty :)

  7. How pretty is that! I can see my birds liking it too ;)