Best places to shop for Plus size clothing!

Hey there! Being a fat chick makes it hard for me to find cute clothes at a low price that fit great! I refuse to give in to tradition beauty standards. My body is mine, and I wont change it to make other people comfortable around me! To make things a little easier for you I will comprise a list of my favorite plus size store!

First up on the list is my favorite store for bathing suits! Swimsuitsforall.com offers a variety of sizes from size 8 to size 34! The suits are trendy and stylish. The quality is always superb as well! In the past I have bought 2 swim suit cover ups and I am greatly satisfied with them. They just released a new line of suits called Gabi Fresh for swimsuits4all. These suits are absolutely stunning! Pieces include the Galaxy Bikini, or as us in the "fatshion" world call them "fatkini"! Man, am I dying to get my hands on this piece! I really can't say enough about the company! From their excellent customer service to their suits, everything is just excellent. You can sign up to receive emails from them and receive deals right in your inbox!

Next up is Torrid. I have mainly purchased my bras from here. The quality has always been amazing. I have not had a problem with them ripping or being ruined in the wash. I would say that the sizes tend to run a little big. I have not visited a store, all of my purchase from them have been online. You can often find deals and coupons on their website before making a purchase. Currently (5/15) they are running a deal where you can receive $100 off of a $300 purchase, $50 off of $150, and $25 off of $100. In winter they have a great selection of boots made for wide calves, which are always hard to find in other stores! Torrid "dress" sizes run from Size 12 through 32.

Kohls.com has a great selection of plus size Juniors and Women's clothing. Most of my clothing comes from this store. They have all styles and offer brands like Candie's, Mudd, Wallflower, Apartment 9, Elle, Jennifer Lopez, and many more! Some of these brands are offered in store. The plus size Juniors collections are sold exclusively online, however sometimes you can find some items in the clearance section! If you sign up for a credit card from them you can reciece exclusive coupons in the mail, or sign up for their emails to receive coupons to your inbox! Plus jeans in Jr's stop at 24 and the Women's plus jeans stop at 30.

Another favorite of mine is Old Navy. Their clothing is cheap and the quality is pretty good. Their shorts and sweaters are the best. I buy all of my cardigans from here, and trust me: I have A LOT of cardigans. You can shop in store or online for their plus sizes. They are currently running a %15 off promo code online. 
Forever21+ is my go to place for cheap yet cute clothing. I have purchased dresses and tops from them and they run true to size. You can shop online and in store for their plus sizes. I recommend checking them out the next time you need a cute outfit for a night out!
Deb Shops is another great store that has a large selection of dresses. Recently I bought 3 summer dresses from them as well as a ton of clothing for work! Their clothes are stylish and priced pretty cheap. They have a huge selection of clearance where you can always find great deals! You can shop in store or online for their plus collection!

Well, there you have it! My top selection of stores that sell cute plus size clothing!
What is your favorite store to shop at and what sort of deals do they offer? Help others out by leave a comment! Remember, FAT is not a dirty word. Take pride in yourself and don't let others bring you down. Your body is your own, and you have to apologize to no one!

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