YAY! I received my most recent free VoxBox from Influentser! Included in this box was a pair of Kiss EverEZeyelashes! These lashes come attached with string for easier application, I however found it easier to apply them without the string. The adhesive these came with worked amazing! It was one of the best adhesives I have used. I plan on using them until they no longer look okay! I really love how they look! I give this product an A++! I will post pictures the next time I apply them! 

Rescue Gum. the purpose of this gum is to help relax you as you chew. The flavor is pretty good and it really does work. It works great for people like me, who have anxiety. I would purchase this product!
Dream water is a sleeping aid "shot". It's the opposite of 5 hour energy. This shot helps you fall asleep, which was great for me consider I have trouble falling asleep all the time!
This hair are system will cost you roughly $55 I don't think this is a purchase I would make. I wasn't really a fan of the shampoo but I did like the hair cream. That did help a bit with my split ends. 

I also received a code to give out to friends for ivydate.com. Use code VIPLUV to "receive
 complimentary access to the worlds greatest community of singles" 

I received all of these items for free from Influenster.com. Visit their site to learn more. 

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