Review: Impress Press On Manicure

I received these free with a purchase I made from Delias.com a few weeks ago.
I finally decided to give them a try!
They are Impress Press On Manicure, basically it's just a press on fake nail.
They come in a wide variety of colors

They are so easy to apply. All you do is find the right size for each nail. Peel off the film on the nail and press onto your finger. It is recommended that you apply the thumbs last. I applied some nail glue to them before pressing them on, because I work with my hands a lot. I could see myself buying these if I needed to spruce up my nails real fast, as they are quicker to apply than Sally Hansen Nail Polish Strips, although if I had the time I would probably go with Sally Hansen nail Polish Strips.

Please Note: I received these free with a purchase I made. I did not know they were being sent to me. I had no incentive to do this review. I did this on my own time because I wanted too.

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