Influenster Beauty Voxbox review.

I received my first voxbox last week! I was so excited to finally get one. I absolutely love everything that came in it!

Sheer Cover Duo Concealer is the first product from the box that I tested. I am never caught outside the house without makeup, so this was a lovely surprise. I have never really tried concealer before, i tend to stick to my usual foundation. I typically use Dream Liquid Mousse. This concealer works great under my foundation! It hides any blemish I may have. I don't really have acne but I get the occasional breakout. I used my fingers when applying it but you can use a makeup brush or sponge.This product is sold in monthly supply kits of 6 products plus 3 bonus products for $25.95 a month. I really liked this product, but I don't think I'm going to spend the $25.95 on it. 
The Aveeno Daily Moisturizing Body Wash was the only non full size sample in the box, which I can't complain about because the box was free! i really liked this body wash, I wish the bottle was bigger. It smells great and left my skin feeling better than the body wash I was previously using. Aveeno Daily Moisturizing Body Wash is sold for $6.99-$8.99 for a full size bottle. This is a product I will be buying!
I always have a supply of ChapStick in my purse. Right now there are probably 3 ChapSticks and a lipstick at the bottom of my bag! I really liked this ChapStick. I'm a sucker for lip balm that tastes good. I like that it is SPF 50 because I can wear it tanning at the gym so my lips don't get burned! This product sells for$1.89-$2.39
I have been very hesitant for years about trying Soy products. I always saw commercials for the brand and thought they might not be that great. I guess I'm a bit skeptical when it comes to the taste of "healthier" foods. I'm very happy I received this product to try for free! I would have never known how AMAZING they are! I absolutely loved it! The taste was great and I really like the texture of it. If you are a fan of blueberries or granola bars, I totally recommend this product! I will be buying these in the future! These Soyjoy bars cost between $.99 and $1.29.
PS. Even my cat wanted to try it! =P

My favorite product in my Beauty Voxbox was a product I have previously tried before. These are Sally Hansen Salon Effect Real Nail Polish Strips. They are super easy to apply. You just peel, stick, and file off the excess. I added a coat of clear polish every day to make sure they didn't chip, however that isn't necessary. I got so many compliments about my nails at work, people loved how they look! The ones I purchased are the same ones I received in my voxvox, which I was okay with because I love this pattern! They have so many patterns, there should be one for everyone to enjoy. These are a little pricey, they will cost you $9.99. When I got them at Walmart they came with a dollar off coupon!!
I received the Twilight Woods Bath And Body Works Fine Fragrance Mist. The smell is sweet without being overpowering. I have used this every day since I received it. It's a great scent for any occasion. There are over 20 different scents to choose from. I will be buying a new bottle when mine runs out! You can purchase the Twilight Woods Bath And Body Works Fine Fragrance Mist at Bath and Body Works  for $14.

I have not tried the Dr.Sholls for her Ball Of Foot yet. I don't wear heels often.

Please note that everything I received, I received for free to try from Influenster. To learn more about influenster please visit http://influenster.com/

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