Planning a giveaway!

I have 2 boxes of k-cups that I am going to be giving away to one lucky winner. Both are 12-count boxes. one is Green Mountain Apple Cider and the other is Cafe Escapes Hot Coco. Stay tuned for details!

Coupon Alert! Wheat Thins!

Wheat thins are my favorite snack! Head over to the Wheat Thins facebook page to print a $1.00 coupon under the Coupon tab! If you need your coupon mailed to you just click "help" under where it says "print coupon" on the "ready to print" page. Click here to snag your coupon!

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Obviously MARvelous

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Happy Go Lucky


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Any advice?

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First Review! Green Mountain Naturals® K-Cup® Hot Apple Cider

Last year I bought my boyfriend a Keurig Coffee maker as a gift. I never thought that I would use it as much as I do since I have a sensitivity to caffeine. There is such a large selection of K-Kups that there is a little something for everyone to enjoy. My favorite K-Cup is the Green Mountain Naturals® K-Cup® Hot Apple Cider. It is simply fantastic. It has a fresh apple taste and the aroma it gives off is just as pleasing. Everyone in my apartment loves it! We always keep it on hand now! A lot of their flavors are seasonal only but this available all year round, which is perfect for when I run out! It's well worth the price! If you like apple cider, give this a try!

Here is some information I have pulled off of the Green Mountain website!
Ingredients: Dried Apples, Brown Sugar, Natural Flavors, Organic Malic Acid, Reb A (Stevia Extract)

Please note: I was not compensated in any way for this review. This is an item I have purchased on my own.


I have been in the process of gathering some products to review and give away! My first review will be posted later today!
I'm trying to get the hang of this site. I'm used to blogging on Tumblr, there are so many more buttons and gadgets to play with on this site!


I'm new at this sort of thing, so please bare with me while I try to figure this all out!
Thanks for your patience!

                                                 -Gabby Lynn-